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Knife Gate Valves Type A Pinch valve

Knife Gate Valves Type A The Knife Gate Valve is a uni directional wafer valve for general industrial application.It is predominantly used in the paper and pulp

Control Pinch Valves Red Valve

Red Valve is the largest manufacturer and supplier of pinch and check valves, and is the preferred supplier for municipalities and industrial plants worldwide.

High Performance Pinch Valves Type RV/RVA AKO UK

High Performance Pinch Valves rated up to 40 BAR with a smooth function easy maintenance. Pneumatic or hand wheel DN25 DN1000.

Butterfly Pinch Valves Cyclonaire

904 01914 valve 3 pinch gsf sw wht; 905 01285a valve 2 pinch gsd double wall pgr sleeve; 905 01463 sleeve 4 pinch valve rkl sgd dw pg

Manual Pinch Valves Red Valve

Manual Pinch Valves Engineered for Tough Slurries. Red Valve's Manually Actuated Pinch Valves are reliable, maintenance free, cost effective valves engineered for tough slurries, abrasives, and corrosive chemical applications.

Red Valve Fluid Control

Red Valve. Air Operated Pinch Valves (6) Control Pinch Valves (11) Knife Gate Valves (6) Manual Pinch Valves Series 26F Sanitary Pinch Valve. Series 2600. Type R. Series 4700. Type A Megaflex. Type A Pinch Valve. Control Pinch Valves. Series 5800. Series 5700 Centerline Closure. Xinhaiflex Adjustable Xinhai Valve. Series RSR Surge Relief Valve

Onyx Valve Products Pinch Valves Series DAC

Full Round Port Mechanically Pinched Dual Pinch Mechanism Heavy Duty Design. Clog resistant full round opening. Low pressure drop; No packing; Drop tight closure

EHEDG certified aseptic and hygienic Pinch Valves

Aseptic and hygienic Pinch Valves The new aseptic Pinch Valve series VMCE is an impressive model with it's hygienic design. This flexible modular system has excellent cleanability, as well as the advantage of a long lifetime of the Pinch Valve sleeve.

ONYX VALVE CO The Pinch Valve Authority

ONYX VALVE CO The Pinch Valve Authority David Gardellin, P.E. President motorized plug valves to motorized pinch valves because 3. The valve operator is less likely to be jammed causing the electric operator to fail early. 4. Movement of the rubber sleeve

Pinch Valve JD Valves

JD modular pinch valve design has three main components the sleeve, the body and the actuator (manual, pneumatic, and electric). The sleeve is the only part that is in contact with the process medium.

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